Seedling Belly Mug
Seedling Belly Mug

Seedling Belly Mug

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***Please select the appropriate shipping option for your location. On-farm pickup selection must be picked up on farm nearby Rosthern/Waldheim***


Seedling mugs are on a pre-order basis due to the materials, material costs and number of firings required. 

It takes four kiln firings to get these mugs to completion! All my pottery goes through a bisque firing (1945°F) and a glaze firing (2232°F). These mugs also go through an overglaze firing to get the decals in place (this firing has a specifically programmed heating and cooling schedule in the kiln) and finally a firing for the gold luster. Each step requires a different  temperature, and therefore, a separate firing. 

Gold luster is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Input costs for these mugs are higher, with both overglaze decals and gold luster having premium price points. Gold luster blew my mind at $90 for       2 GRAMS!! Why does it have to be so stunningly beautiful?! 💗


Seeding mugs will be delivered in late June, as I’ll be ordering decals once I have a pre-order number. 

These mugs are close to my plant-loving heart. I hope they make you so happy too!

* Seedling belly mug has a volume of approximately 14-16 oz