Lemon Platter

Lemon Platter

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***Please select the appropriate shipping option for your location. On-farm pickup selection must be picked up on farm nearby Rosthern/Waldheim***

 ***Platters will have slight variation in the exact decals. The photos shown are examples. Finished platters will be similar but not exact to these

Lemon platters are on a pre-order basis due to the materials, material costs and number of firings required

It takes three kiln firings to get these platters to completion! All my pottery goes through a bisque firing (1945°F) and a glaze firing (2232°F). These pieces also go through an overglaze firing to get the decals in place (this firing has a specifically programmed heating and cooling schedule in the kiln). Each step requires a different  temperature, and therefore, a separate firing. 

Lemon platters will be delivered in late June, as I’ll be ordering decals once I have a pre-order number. 

Approximate dimensions: 9” x 13”